Entry for the Bitsy Daydream jam.

There are two normal endings and one secret ending, enjoy! (Getting caught by the mysterious ones is not one of the normal endings, it is simply a game over.)

I've noticed that players seem to have difficulty navigating the game, as it is not straight forward. There are many hidden places you can access! Try looking for cracks, things you can climb, or portals you can step on.

Made withBitsy

Development log


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somehow I missed playing this during the jam but it's really good! I love all the little details that make the space feel alive - my favorite may be the cat that disappears from the window :) really great work :)

I'm really happy that you noticed the cat! The people I asked didn't see it. Did you also find the cat ending?

I thought it was a great touch! no... I did not find the cat ending - I guess I have to play again to find it :)

Wow ! How did you trigger the eye to open when the player is next to it?

There are two rooms, one with the closed eye, and one with the open eye. When the player approaches the eye they get transported to the second room. Since the player's location stays the same, it gives the illusion that the eye is the only thing that has changed. :3